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So blogger has been fantastic for me so far. It has a simple setup and is much easier to customise the look than livejournal with a cleaner and quicker admin area as well, and if you have multiple blogs you can see them all via the dashboard. I love the "followers" setup instead of "friends" and you can comment from a variety of logins as well, including with your livejournal id.

The only thing that annoys me about blogger is their lack of comment moderation/deletion section. I imported my blog, then chopped out a bunch of posts to try and clean up the content relevance and reduce BS. lol... I thought since there was no comment moderation area, any comments linked to posts I deleted would be removed too... NOOOO it is not as simple as that. The comments stayed in the system, so when I tried to use RSS feeds to do some fancy things that will be unveiled at a later date, I had all this old irrelevant stuff coming out.

Questions to their help forums went unanswered... three days of searching google finally gave me an answer :D

If anyone else out there has a blogger/blogspot journal then here is a cool little app for comment moderation. You type your blog in and it will display all the comments, even the orphaned ones. Then you log in and delete the ones you don't want with the little trash can icon. I tested in both browsers and found that it works better in firefox than it does in IE - less error messages.


So there you go.

PS: you can look up anyones blog with this thing, but you can't delete comments unless you login with your blogger password and have admin authorisation.

PPS: Oh yes... I am moving things around again because I have too many hobbies and too many opinions!
I have a couple of new blogs set up: (I've been a little secretive, just like Rena)

Moving all the costume related posts over to this blog from my website.

All of the quilt related posts have been moved from my site in to this blog.

All the embroidery related posts will be moved to this blog, but I haven't done that yet

My beautiful hens blog and all their chickeny business!

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