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Come draw with me....!

I've added some inspiration to my art blog. Even if you don't join my in my crazy art project come have a look and grab some inspiration. At the very least please have a look at Suzi Blu! You'll either love her or hate her, but I'm hoping you'll love her and get the same contagious inspiration I feel when watching her videos. http://myartsketchbook.blogspot.com

Tomorrow I'll be talking about some resources you can use during the month - some good tutorials for beginners that I'll be revisiting myself, and some excellent resources to keep you inspired so you don't run out of things to draw.

I only have one drawing friend...
I have TWO beautiful drawing friends!
- Monica from Canada! Her blog is here.
- Morgandea from Brisbane, Aus! Her blog is here

Do you want to be my drawing friend too??? (say yes!)

All skill levels welcome. Lets make bad art together! - no guilt, no self consciousness, just the joy of making art for arts sake and shedding the fear of not being good enough!

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