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Not bad for a first try... so far...

OMG quilting is hard... ok, not so much hard as awkward and time consuming and is giving me a pain in the shoulder somehow. I have to re-look at my posture/setup to try and take more of the weight of the quilt. I think I will just need to do an hour at a time... especially as I am having to barricade myself in on all sides to give myself enough table space for maneuvering.

I have quilted the two centre blocks... 10 to go... I am doing "stitch in the ditch" style around all the coloured areas. I shall have to do something more on the black border too... not sure what yet.

I saved money and wasted money at spotlight today too... I found 200 safety pins (for holding all the layers together) for only $8 which saved me about $20... It also saved me another trip to spotlight as the other packets would have only given me 75 or 90 safety pins and I ended up using 96! My wasted money was my purchase of bicycle clips for $10 which are supposed to help hold a rolled up quilt together... and nope... didn't work for me. Too difficult to turn the bugger around in the machine with the edges all rolled up. I could definately see the benefit if I ever want to hand quilt though.

I can't wait to get to the binding part, even though that is hand sewing... mainly because I know what I'm doing there (I think) and won't have to make it up as I go along anymore...

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